Play the Lady Luck Second Chance Promotion Bonus Game

Any non-winning Lady Luck (SC-1439) scratch-off ticket that you submit into the Second-Chance Promotion gives you an opportunity to play the Lady Luck Bonus Game. After you play the game, you will reveal the number of bonus entries that will be awarded to you in the Second-Chance Promotion.

If you experience technical difficulties in playing or attempting to play the game, or if you choose to skip the game, the same number of bonus entries that would have been revealed by playing the game will be awarded to you in the Second-Chance Promotion.

Bonus Game Play Instructions

Step 1

To play Lady Luck, press the PLAY button to begin. Slide rows or columns to match 3 or more like symbols.

Step 2

Match 4 or more like symbols to create power-ups.

Step 3

Reach level goals to advance to the next level. Advancing to a new level will “jail” some symbols. Make matches with or near the jailed symbols to “free” them.

Step 4

Match 4 Symbols - Removes 8 surrounding tiles.
Match 5 Symbols - Removes a row or column.
Match 6 Symbols - Removes a row and a column.
Match 7+ Symbols - Removes all tiles of the same symbol.

Step 5

Score as many points as you can in 60 seconds!

Step 6

When time is up, you will reveal how many entries you have been awarded and be given the opportunity to enter another ticket.

Game is supported on these platforms:
Desktop browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Edge)
Mobile operating systems (Android and iOS, current version -2)